Tuesday, June 22

US Welcomes The Results Of Iraq’s Parliamentary Elections Announced By Federal Court

BAGHDAD, The United States on Monday welcomed the results of Iraq's parliamentary elections.

It is noteworthy that the Federal Court ratified on Sunday the names of winners in the parliamentary elections that took place on 12/5 of this year.

The US Embassy in Baghdad said in a statement: We are pleased with the commitment of Iraq's newly elected leaders to form a new government under the constitutional timetable for Iraq, indicating that the formation of the new government is purely Iraqi issue and should be achieved in a manner that protects the interests and national sovereignty of Iraq."

The US Embassy added in its statement "The United States, under the Strategic Framework Agreement, supports an independent and fully independent Iraq, and we hope that the next government will be formed on national basis to continue progress in fighting corruption, protecting the Iraqi people and pursuing fundamental economic reforms and building strong relations with the rest of the world, to help meet the legitimate demands of the Iraqi people. "

It is noteworthy that the Federal Supreme Court on Sunday ratified the results of the national elections held on 12 May this year.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency