Tuesday, January 26

Venezuelan President survives an assassination attempt

BAGHDAD, The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused his neighbor Colombia of being behind the attack on him during a military parade with unmanned drones carrying explosives.

According to Reuters, Maduro said that a flying object exploded in front of him during a speech and a huge explosion occurred at that moment, describing it as an attempt to assassinate him. "Initial investigations refer to the capital of Colombia / Bogota."

The Venezuelan President accused the United States and Colombia of provoking violence in Venezuela, saying an investigation had begun immediately and that some of the perpetrators had been arrested.

Maduro pointed out that preliminary investigations indicate that many of the financiers and planners of Saturday's attack were living in Florida.

Several unmanned drones loaded with explosives targeted the Venezuelan President on Saturday evening during a speech at a military ceremony.

The Ministry of Information said that seven National Guard soldiers were injured in the bombings that targeted Maduro, after the interruption of television broadcast during an address in the open air in front of a huge military parade.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency