Sunday, January 17

Washington Is Investigating Pharmaceutical Companies Financing Terrorism In Iraq

BAGHDAD, The US Justice Department is investigating the activities of pharmaceutical companies in Iraq on charges of corruption and financing of terrorist operations in Iraq.

AstraZeneca said it had received a notification from the US Justice Department regarding an investigation into corruption in Iraq.

The notification explained that "This investigation is partly linked to a lawsuit in last October by a court in Washington on behalf of veteran US soldiers who were killed or wounded in Iraq between 2005 and 2009,"

"The US Department of Justice is currently conducting an investigation into the activities of pharmaceutical companies in Iraq, accusing them of providing the Iraqi government medicines and pharmaceutical equipment free, although it is aware that it will be subsequently sold on the black market to fund terrorist attacks," the company said.

Prosecutors accuse AstraZeneca, rival Pfizer, Roche, Johnson & Johnson and American giant General Electric, which manufactures medical imaging equipment, of violating US anti-terrorism laws.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency