Occupation forces demolish a school east of Bethlehem

A number of Palestinians were injured on Sunday as the occupation forces stormed Bayt Ta’mar town, east of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

“The occupation forces, accompanied by military vehicles and a bulldozer, stormed the village, cordoned off Tahadi 5 School, closed the area completely, and opened fire and poison gas bombs at the Palestinians, which led to the injury of a number of them, before demolishing the school and seizing its contents,” Bassam Jabr, the Director of Education in Bethlehem, told WAFA news agency.

He pointed out that the school houses about 60 students from the first to the fourth grade, and it was demolished in 2017 before it was rebuilt in the same year.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

Foreign Minister Participates in Consultative Meeting of Arab League Foreign Ministers

Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah participated today in the consultative meeting of the foreign ministers of the League of Arab States at its headquarters in Cairo.

During the meeting, the ministers consulted and exchanged views on many issues of concern to the Arab region, in addition to discussing ways to enhance joint Arab action and find urgent solutions to the challenges facing the Arab region and its people.

The importance of enhancing joint coordination among the member states of the Arab League in order to achieve more security, stability and prosperity for the Arab countries and achieve the goals of sustainable development for countries and peoples was also discussed throughout the meeting

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Multilateral Affairs Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Rassi, and Director-General of the Minister of Foreign Affairs office, Abdulrahman Al-Dawood attended the meeting.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Saudi Stock Exchange Main Index Ends Trading Higher at 11,256 Points

Saudi Stock Exchange’s main index ended trading higher today, gaining 137.88 points to close at 11,256.65 points.

The total value of trading reported was SAR 4.9 billion, while the total number of shares traded was 184 million.

The Saudi Parallel Market Index (NOMU) ended the day by gaining 198.80 points to close at 21,094.37 points, with a valuation of SAR 24 million and an overall tally of more than 420,000 stocks.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Attorney General Receives His Somali Counterpart

The Attorney General of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al-Mujib, held a meeting today with the Attorney General of the Somali Republic, Sulayman Mohamed Mohamoud, and his accompanying delegation at his office.

During the meeting, they discussed several issues of common interest and explored ways to enhance cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Somalia in the field of justice, as well as ways to develop it across all areas.

The Somali Attorney General was also introduced to the Saudi Public Prosecution, including its technical advancements in dealing with legal procedures, indicators of technical penal performance, and the qualitative initiatives that distinguish it in the Kingdom

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Saudi Amateur Radio Society Completes Preparations for Largest Middle East Radio Telescope

The Saudi Amateur Radio Society has announced the completion of preparations for launching the largest radio telescope in the Middle East. The telescope, which has a diameter of 20 meters, is located in the city of Hail, Saudi Arabia, and all relevant work has been completed. It is now undergoing calibration and testing before being linked to the society’s radio telescope system.

The national project was created at the Mashar Park astronomical observatory site in Hail, which is over 3,000 years old and serves as a reference point for Saudi universities and researchers in the field. His Highness Prince Bader bin Fahad bin Faisal, Chairman of the Saudi Amateur Radio Society, stated that this Middle Eastern project was established in cooperation with the society’s strategic partner, the Hail Municipality. It is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and is under the supervision of the Minister of Municipal and Village Affairs and Housing.

The chairman emphasized the Kingdom’s commitment to achieving the goals of sustainable development, enabling digital transformation, building a digital society, and establishing digital platforms to enhance interaction and community engagement. All these efforts contribute to improving industry development, boosting competitiveness, having a positive impact on the economic situation, generating jobs, providing better services to beneficiaries, and creating a digital homeland by attracting local and global investments and partnerships in the fields of technology and innovation

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Arresting those accused of counterfeiting currency in Basra

The Basra police arrested three suspects who tried to bring counterfeit currency into the province.

The media of the Basra Police Command stated, according to a statement, that the police detachments under the control of the martyr Lieutenant General Hassan Karim Al-Gharawi (Al-Jawaber) were able to arrest three suspects riding an Obama-type taxi who tried to bring fake currency into the province.

It added, they were seized with a counterfeit currency of the category (10) ten thousand Iraqi dinars, indicating that the arrest of the accused was carried out through careful inspection of people and vehicles passing through the checkpoint, and legal measures were taken and they were referred to the competent authorities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Al-Sudani stresses the importance of the social role of clans in supporting stability and supporting the performance of the security forces

The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, received today, Sunday, a number of tribal sheikhs and notables in Dhi Qar Governorate.

The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement, “During the meeting, Al-Sudani listened to a presentation on the economic and service conditions, and the most important problems and obstacles that citizens suffer from, in the various segments of the governorate, in its districts and sub-districts.”

The Prime Minister referred to the social role of the clans in supporting stability and supporting the performance of the security forces, in imposing security and law, and in confronting attempts to spread chaos and attack public money.

He affirmed the government’s directives to focus on the service sector, as it is the path that meets the needs of citizens, confirms their belief in the political system, and consolidates the duties of government agencies in serving society.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Minister of Planning and the representative of the UN Fund discuss joint cooperation and support for the Ministry’s efforts to implement the population census

Minister of Planning, Muhammad Ali Tamim, discussed today, Sunday, with the representative of the United Nations Fund, joint cooperation and support for the Ministry’s efforts to implement the population census.

The Ministry of Planning said in a statement, “The Minister of Planning, Muhammad Ali Tamim, met with the representative of the United Nations Population Fund in Iraq (Nester Omohangi) and his accompanying delegation.

It explained, “During the meeting, they discussed aspects of joint cooperation between the two sides in many files, especially with regard to supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Planning in implementing the general population and housing census, and in other areas related to the fund’s competence and its role in benefiting from the expertise and capabilities of donor countries in supporting issues of population, and the implementation of the contents of the national document for the population policy, which is to be officially launched on the seventeenth of this month of May.

The Minister of Planning indicated that the exceptional importance of conducting the general census of the population, and the need for the availability and concerted efforts to ensure its implementation in accordance with the approved international standards, pointing out that the implementation of this vital project is one of the priorities of the Iraqi government, and that the Prime Minister directed the creation of the environment appropriate to perform it.

For his part, Omohangi welcomed the level of cooperation shown by the Minister of Planning, expressing his organization’s readiness to provide the best possible types of support to the Iraqi government, relying on advanced global methodologies in conducting the general population census, and mobilizing more support for Iraq in this field.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

The Minister of Immigration directs from Basra to complete the transactions of the displaced citizens and end their suffering

The Minister of Immigration and Displacement, Evan Faeq Jabro, instructed the completion of the transactions of the displaced citizens as quickly as possible.

During her visit to Basra today, the Minister was briefed on the nature of services provided to citizens in the Ministry’s branch in the province.

It also received more than 300 citizens of the displaced peole and returnees in Basra and instructed them to complete their transactions.

Jabro directed the Ministry’s cadres to quickly end all the problems they suffer from, as well as to follow up some problems related to the completion of their transactions with the Ministries and concerned authorities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

The ISIS Emir and his aide are among those killed in the air strike in Hamrin Basin, in Diyala

A military source revealed the details of the air strike that targeted ISIS hideouts, northeast of Baquba, the center of Diyala Governorate.

The source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the air strike, which targeted an ISIS den in the Sandej area within the Hamrin Basin, northeast of Baquba, resulted in the killing of the Emir of ISIS and one of his assistants, according to preliminary information.

He added that the two dead were one of the leaders of ISIS and were involved in terrorist attacks that targeted villages and army security points during the previous years.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Norland: Restoring stability and sovereignty in Libya ensures that the Libyan lands will not be abused by interested parties to fuel conflict or sow instability in the region.

The US Ambassador and Special Envoy to Libya, “Richard Norland,” expressed his gratitude to Chadian President Deby for adding Chad’s voice to the strong support for the political process facilitated by the United Nations in Libya.

After his meeting with President Deby, Norland said, in a tweet published by the US Embassy in Libya on its Twitter account, that restoring unity, stability and sovereignty in Libya will enhance regional security in difficult times and ensure that the Libyan lands are not abused by interested parties to fuel the conflict or sow discord. stability in the region.

The Chadian presidency had announced earlier that Ambassador Norland focused, during his meeting with the President of the Republic, General Mohamed Idriss Deby Itno, on supporting the United Nations roadmap for holding presidential and legislative elections in Libya by the end of this year.

It was said that the US diplomat expressed during the meeting his concern about the continuation of violence in Sudan, which may undermine efforts to restore peace in Libya, noting that the meeting is evidence of Chad and the United States’ readiness to work in synergy for the return of peace and stability in Libya after a war that lasted more than ten years. The continuation of wars in neighboring countries negatively affects development goals in Chad and destabilizes security and stability there.

Source: Libyan News Agency