The Popular Mobilization forces carry out a security operation in the areas adjacent to the Tigris River crossing in Kirkuk

A force from the Popular Mobilization Forces carried out a security operation in the areas adjacent to the Tigris River crossing in Kirkuk.

A statement by the Popular Mobilization Authority stated: “A force from the 9th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces affiliated to the Kirkuk and East Tigris Operations Command carried out a reconnaissance and inspection operation within the sector of responsibility.”

He added: “The operation included a field survey and clearing of the areas adjacent to the Tigris River crossing to search for the wanted persons and secure the area.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

KRG: Amendments To The Draft Budget Are “Unconstitutional”

The Kurdistan Regional Government described the changes made by some members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee to the draft budget law as “unconstitutional,” stressing that it will not abide by any other decision outside the scope of the agreement with the government of Prime Minister Muhammad al-Sudani.

The Kurdistan Regional Government stated in a statement, “The changes introduced by some members of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament in the draft general budget law on 5/25/2023 against the Kurdistan Region are unconstitutional.”

It stressed, “These changes clearly contradict the agreement signed between the regional government and the federal government, as well as constitute a violation of the principles of the state administration government agreement and contradict the essence of the ministerial program that the House of Representatives voted on.”

The KRG stressed that it would not accept “at all” with “this injustice and violation of the rights of the people of Kurdistan.”

It added, “we will not abide by any other decision outside the scope of the agreement signed with the government of Muhammad al-Sudani.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Al-Amiri: Our Hand On Trigger Against Anyone Who Bets On The Return Of The Baath Party

The Secretary-General of the Badr Organization and head of Al-Fateh Alliance, Hadi Al-Amiri, commented today, Friday, on the voices betting on the return of the Baath Party to the political arena again.

Al-Amiri said in a speech to him, “We are still on alert and our hand is on the trigger against anyone who bets on the return of the Baath Party under any pretext.”

He added, “We will be harsh this time on those who want to try their luck in betting on the return of the buried Baath.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

The Foreign Ministry Condemns The Attack On The Iraqi Embassy In Bern

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attack on the Iraqi embassy building in Bern.

The Ministry stated in a statement that “we expresses our condemnation and denunciation of the unprecedented attack on the embassy building of the Republic of Iraq in Bern by unknown persons who managed to storm the building in a hostile manner, which caused terror among the embassy staff and citizens who were inside the building for the purposes of following up on their consulate affairs.

It added: We renew our condemnation of this act and all forms of violence and vandalism affecting diplomatic missions, especially those targeting their security and sanctity, and we call on the friendly Swiss side to take the necessary investigative measures, to reveal the identity of the perpetrators and clarify the circumstances of this act.

The ministry stressed the need to respect the rules of international law and adhere to relevant international agreements, especially the Vienna Convention to Regulate Diplomatic Relations.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry thanked the Swiss authorities for their immediate intervention to contain the situation and restore security and stability in the Iraqi mission and its surroundings.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Economist: Amending The Budget Items Related To Kurdistan Will Complicate The Relationship With The Government

The economic expert, Nabil Al-Marsoumi, confirmed that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee’s vote to amend the paragraphs related to the Kurdistan region will complicate the relationship between the region and the center.”

Al-Marsoumi said in a post that NINA followed: “The Finance Committee amended (Article 13 / second / a), which stipulates, according to the government copy sent, obliging the Kurdistan region to export no less than 400,000 barrels,” noting that “the text of the article after the amendment is that the region is obligated to deliver the crude oil produced in its fields at a rate of not less than 400,000 barrels per day is sent to the Ministry of Oil to be exported through SOMO or used locally in Iraqi refineries.”

He added, “The amendment added a kind of complication to the relationship between the center and the region because of the technical difficulties related to the delivery of the region’s oil to the center on the one hand, and because of the region’s stripping of the authority to export oil on the other hand.”

Al-Marsoumi indicated that “paragraph C of the same article was also amended, after it stipulated the commitment of the Ministry of Finance to pay the region’s dues monthly and to make accounting settlements on a quarterly basis, meaning that the region was receiving its dues in the 2023 budget,” noting that “the new amendment is necessary that the region must pay its oil and non-oil revenues before receiving its share of the budget.”

He continued, “Article 14 was also amended, after it used to provide for the deposit of the total revenues of the region’s oil in one bank account. It now requires the region to deposit oil revenues in a bank account opened in the Central Bank of Iraq, while the region was seeking to open the account in Citi Bank “.

He stressed that “the region has prevented the extraction of oil from the fields of Kirkuk and Nineveh, which are currently under its control, which currently constitutes more than a third of the region’s production of crude oil.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Bahrain condemns storming, vandalizing Jordanian ambassador’s residence in Khartoum

The Kingdom of Bahrain strongly condemned the storming and vandalizing of the house of the Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Khartoum, considering it as a criminal act that contravenes the rules of international law and conventions.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated the Kingdom of Bahrain’s unequivocal position on the need to stop violence and vandalism in the Republic of Sudan, provide full protection for the headquarters of diplomatic missions and their buildings and property, and punish the perpetrators.

It further called on all Sudanese parties to adhere to the humanitarian truce and the principles of the Jeddah Declaration of Commitment to Protect the Civilians of Sudan, and return to dialogue to end the current crisis and meet the aspirations of the brotherly Sudanese people for security, stability and peace.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

Bahrain confirms readiness to work with international community to ensure cyberspace security

Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Nations in New York, Ambassador Jamal Faris Al Ruwaie, participated in the Security Council’s meeting on the countries’ responsibility and response to the cyber attacks on the sensitive infrastructures.

Addressing the meeting, which was called for by the USA and Albania, Ambassador Al Ruwaie stressed Bahrain’s belief in the significance of ensuring a safe and peaceful cyberspace and preventing conflicts arising from malicious cyber activities.

He added that rapid development of digital technology has changed the way the world works and affected all aspects of modern life. He explained that while this development brings benefits to everyone, it also comes at the expense of exposing us to a wide range of threats, which requires the international community to work collectively to face those challenges.

The ambassador pointed out the need to set international rules and standards for cyberspace based on the principles of international law, including the Charter of the United Nations and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. The aim, he noted, is to promote responsible behaviour in cyberspace and prevent malicious activities.

The Permanent Representative also stressed the importance of enhancing transparency and confidence-building measures between countries in cyberspace, including the creation of channels to report malicious activities and share information and best practices. He explained that given the current digital gap, there is a growing need for cooperation to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks. This, he said, requires a clear mechanism for countries to use to ask for assistance from other countries in this regard.

Ambassador Al Ruwaie said that it is of great importance to promote a closer partnership between public and private entities for a coordinated and coherent defence and response to cyber attacks. This, he added, contributes to the development of effective strategies and solutions for cybersecurity, including the exchange of information and best practices.

He affirmed the Kingdom of Bahrain’s readiness to work with other countries to set international rules and standards that regulate cyberspace, enhance transparency and confidence-building measures, and encourage cooperation in preventing and responding to cyber attacks.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

WHO grants Dr. Mariam Al Jalahma the Nelson Mandela Award for Health Promotion

National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mariam Adhbi Al Jalahma has been granted the Nelson Mandela Award for Health Promotion.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) conferred the prize on Dr. Al Jalahma in recognition of her efforts in promoting health over the past thirty years.

The Geneva-based organization also acknowledged her decades-long role in promoting maternal, child and adolescent health, combating smoking, chronic and communicable diseases, whether her positions, work within the region, or through her efforts in voluntary work in the field of health education.

The award-distribution ceremony was held on the sidelines of the WHO 67th General Assembly, in the presence of health ministers, heads of state delegations and participants at the United Nations Palace in Geneva.

During the ceremony, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, presented the award to Dr. Al Jalahma, in the presence of the World Health Assembly (WHA) President.

Addressing, Dr. Al Jalahma expressed her pride as the recipient of the Nelson Mandela Prize for Health Promotion.

“I dedicated the award to all health workers, including doctors, nurses and public health officials, in my country and around the world, who have dedicated their lives to ensuring that people live healthy lives”.

“This award is not only a recognition of our hard work, but also a testament to our dedication and passion to make a positive impact in the world”, she added.

She noted that health promotion has always been at the heart of my work over 37 years of her work in the health sector whether as a physician, administrator, official or in her volunteer community work in the community.

“It was a rewarding experience seeing people adopt healthy lifestyles and make positive changes in their lives. It is a testament to the effectiveness of health promotion interventions”, she said.

Dr. Al Jalahma stressed the importance of continuing work to promote health and well-being in communities. “W have the power to make a difference, and we should not shy away from taking actions to improve the health outcomes of our peoples”, she said.

Health Minister Dr. Jaleela bint Al Sayyed Jawad Al Sayyed congratulated Dr. Al Jalahma on receiving the prestigious prize, which is granted to prominent personalities who have contributed to the promotion of health at the national and international levels.

She praised Al Jalahma’s efforts and contributions during her tenure as a doctor, media person, physician trainer, member of the Shura Council member, National Institution for Human Rights, and the executive body of the GCC Council of Health Ministers, as well as her efforts at the level of the Eastern Mediterranean region. in various areas of health promotion

Established in 2019, Nelson Mandela Award for Health Promotion celebrates persons (s) or institution(s), governmental or non-governmental organizations or organizations, who have made a significant contribution to health promotion extended far beyond the call of normal duties.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

Justice Minister receives Head of Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Unit in Egypt

Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Affairs Minister Nawaf bin Mohammed Al Maawda received, Head of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Unit in Egypt Ahmed Said Khalil.

The minister praised the depth of the historical relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Republic of Egypt, hailing steadily-growing joint ties all fields.

During the meeting, the two sides reviewed ways to enhance cooperation and joint coordination in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

Source: Bahrain News Agency