23 tons of expired goods were seized during Ramadan

Ramallah – Together – During the holy month of Ramadan, the Customs Police Department dealt with 237 cases during the holy month of Ramadan in cooperation with partner agencies, during which 23 tons of materials unfit for human consumption were seized, as part of its work mechanism in implementation of the instructions of the political level and the directives of the commander of the agency, Major General Iyad Barakat, in the judiciary. On the phenomena of tax and customs evasion, combating spoiled goods and settlement goods, protecting the national economy and providing food and health security for citizens.

The issues were divided between tax and customs issues, in addition to issues related to the economic, health and agricultural fields.

The total number of cases that were dealt with in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance reached 27 cases: –

In their details: 20 tax and customs cases were dealt with, a case in the field of tobacco prohibited from circulation, and 6 cases for goods coming from Isr
ael that did not carry a clearing invoice.

In cooperation with the Ministries of Health and Economy, 207 cases were dealt with:

during which 23 tons of spoiled, expired goods were seized and handed over to the competent authorities.

About 10 and a quarter tons of goods that did not carry an identification card in Arabic and that violated mandatory instructions were seized, including food supplies, cosmetics, and cosmetics.

Also, 662 pieces of bead toys were seized, which are prohibited goods.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, the total number of cases that were dealt with amounted to 3 cases:

3 cases were dealt with for animal products that did not have agricultural permits or veterinary certificates or were not fit for human consumption and were handed over to the Ministry to take legal measures.

The Customs Police Agency stresses the importance of the role of citizens in contributing to reporting spoiled or smuggled goods in the markets by communicating with the agency via the toll-fre
e number 132 or through the agency’s official page on Facebook, in order to achieve a safe economy and healthy food for all.