Al-Sudani to members of the US House of Representatives: The reasons for building the international coalition ten years ago no longer exist

Baghdad, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani received, at his residence in the American capital, Washington, a number of members of the US House of Representatives from the Republican and Democratic parties, at a working lunch, in the presence of a number of members of the Iraqi House of Representatives within the delegation accompanying him on his official visit.

Al-Sudani spoke about the objectives of the visit, stressing the importance of moving the relationship between Iraq and the United States to the level of comprehensive bilateral relations in various fields of exchange and development, indicating: ‘The reasons upon which the international coalition was built to fight ISIS ten years ago no longer exist, and the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces have developed to defeat the terrorist threat of ISIS.’

He explained: “Iraq is committed to the outcomes of the ongoing dialogue within the Supreme Military Committee between the two countries, while continuing to partnership with the internationa
l community to confront terrorism,” stressing: “The Iraqi people are among the peoples in the world that have most courageously faced the evils of terrorism and its gangs.”

The Prime Minister described the form of the sustainable relationship that Iraq seeks with the United States, as depending on the extent of rapprochement and common understanding between the Iraqi and American peoples, beyond the boundaries of governments and departments, and in light of Iraq’s unique position in the region through diversity in components and sects, and the constitutional system. Democratic, which includes the peaceful transfer of power, in a way that strengthens the country’s unity and respect for all freedoms.

Al-Sudani stated: ‘One of the strength factors for Iraq today is the connection to historical and social relations and commonalities with neighboring countries, including Iran, and at the same time, the possession of an important strategic relationship with the United States, in addition to the possession of reso
urces and an important location that enables the establishment of a vital economic position for Iraq for the interests of the peoples of the region, development opportunities and strategic projects that enhance security, stability and prosperity.’

For their part, members of the US House of Representatives welcomed Al- Sudani’s visit, stressing their aspiration to build a constructive and sustainable partnership that strengthens the friendship between the Iraqi and American peoples, renewing their support for everything that consolidates development in Iraq, regional stability, and peace efforts.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency