Saturday, June 12

Arab Information Ministers Council to Hold 51st Session under Chairmanship of Sudan

Cairo, The Council of Arab Information Ministers will hold its 51st session at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo on June 16, under the chairmanship of Sudan, which succeeds the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the participation of the Ministers of Information and those responsible for information in the member states.

The session will be held following a meeting of the 94th Standing Committee for Arab Media on June 13-14, and a meeting of the Executive Office of the 13th Arab Information Ministers Council on June 15.

In a statement, Ambassador Ahmed Rashid Khattabi, Assistant Secretary-General and Supervisor of the Media and Communication Sector at the Arab League, affirmed that the session will discuss the Palestinian Cause in light of the recent developments, in addition to the effective involvement of the Arab media in confronting the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism. The meeting will also highlight a number of issues pertaining to the future of the Arab media.

Source: Saudi Press Agency