AUSTRIACARD announces its next Generation Chip Operating System, ACOS – IDv2.0

VIENNA, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AUSTRIACARD is amongst the few Information Technology providers in the world that design chip operating systems for especially demanding security applications in the fields of Payment, Identification and Machine to Machine communication.

The generation of the new OS is another milestone in the decades long path of our R+D activity and showcases the company’s ability in developing solutions and applications which are centre stage of a vastly changing IT landscape.

ACOS – IDv.2.0 also benefits from AUSTRIACARD’s long and successful operation of our very own native operating system, ACOS, a founding element in complex and highly sensitive business functions including payments for Mastercard / VISA as well as a number of successful ID projects such as the e-card in the Austrian health care system and numerous international projects.

ACOS-IDv2.0 was developed for passports, identity cards and residence permits as well as driver’s licenses and eIDAS-compliant signature cards, with state of the art new technologies and elevated security certification confirming the highest security level according to Common Criteria for applications at a global level.

ACOS-IDv2.0 will be available  in the form of chip modules and software licenses, in addition to the common form factors such as cards and passport booklets, creating a holistic solution choice covering a wide spectrum of EDGE SECURITY INFORMATION demands.

Bernd Eder, AUSTRIACARD’s R&D Director in Vienna states: “With ACOS-ID we offer our customers and partners a powerful product that enables them to create a globally recognized digital solution that sets them apart”.


AUSTRIACARD is a member of AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS, an Austrian group of high-tech IT in Hardware Embedded Security founded in 1897, which has an international presence with three Divisions, AUSTRIACARD/TAG, INFORM and NAUTILUS, in the fields of Digital Security in Payments and Identity, Digital Transformation in the Document Lifecycle and Security in the IoT respectively.

In 2021, at a pro-forma level, AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS achieved a consolidated turnover of approximately € 200 million and employs around 1.400 people.

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