Civil Defense teams extinguish two fires in central Baghdad

The Civil Defense teams put out two fires in the Karrada area in central Baghdad.

The Civil Defense Directorate said in a statement that its teams succeeded in putting out a major fire incident that broke out inside a warehouse for electrical appliances built of highly flammable sandwich panels, in violation of the safety instructions issued by the Directorate of Civil Defense, in the intersection of Al-Masbah in Karrada, Baghdad, with the participation of more than 15 specialized and other firefighting teams, and another supportive ones, and prevented the fire from spreading to neighboring warehouses.

It added: “As soon as the civil defense teams completed extinguishing the warehouse fire incident, another fire incident broke out in a restaurant and hotel in the five-storey (royal pot) building with ground halls in the Karrada area behind Al-Alawiya switchboard, where the civil defense teams mobilized and rushed to carry out rescue operations through the dual-use ladder vehicle, rescue and extinguishing, in conjunction with the operations of extinguishing and encircling the fire inside the burning building, after which the direct intrusion operations were carried out, and it succeeded in entering and completely extinguishing the fire with the participation of the fifteen firefighting teams.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency