Tuesday, August 3

European Parliament delegation: Unilateral measures imposed on Syria a violation of international law

Damascus, Head and members of the Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee at the People’s Assembly on Sunday reviewed with a delegation of members of the European Parliament representing Ireland the situation in Syria and cooperation in conveying a true image about the events that took place in it to European public opinion and about the terrorist war which Syria was subjected to with the support and collusion of regional and Western countries.

During the meeting, which was held at the People’s Assembly, Chairman of the Committee Boutros Murjanah explained the extent of the suffering of the Syrian people as a result of the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on them by the United States and a number of European countries, which deprive them of access to food, medicine and oil derivatives.

The head and members of the committee pointed out that the Turkish and American occupation forces have looted and stolen Syrian resources in flagrant violation of international law and the sovereignty of Syria, and that they have provided support with money, weapons and information to terrorist organizations in an attempt to prolong the crisis, stressing that terrorism that targets the security, safety and stability of Syria also constitutes a threat to Europe and the world at large.

For her part, Clare Daly, a member of the European Parliament, stressed that the Western media plays a negative role by disseminating false information and news about the events in Syria, indicating that European parliamentarians must convey the reality of what is happening on the ground in Syria away from Western media propaganda.

In turn, Mick Wallace, a member of the European Parliament, underlined the importance of achieving stability in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen, otherwise this will reflect on stability in Europe, indicating that he and the rest of the delegation members reject the Western sanctions imposed on Syria, which represent a violation of international law and the UN Charter.

In a statement to reporters, Daly expressed her regret for the European Union’s stance towards the continued imposition of sanctions on Syria, expressing its readiness with her colleagues to work with Syrian parliamentarians to change this stance on the part of the European Union.

Wallace also denounced the United States’ exploitation of the humanitarian aid file to achieve its ugly goals in Syria and the region, considering that the European Union does not realize the extent of the United States’ persistent attempts to exploit and manipulate this file.

Source: Syria Arab News Agency