Forming an investigation committee into the circumstances of the accident that claimed the life of a young man in Tulkarm

Tulkarm – Ma’an – Tulkarm Governor Mustafa Taqatqa announced that an investigation committee will be formed into the circumstances of the accident that claimed the life of the young man, Muhammad Ahmed Al-Khatib, from Nour Shams camp.

Taqatqa said in a press statement that the families of the young Khatib and all citizens will be informed of what happened, offering condolences to his relatives and his family, calling for strengthening national unity and preserving civil peace and the social fabric, especially in this difficult circumstance that our people and our Palestinian cause are going through.

He stressed that the law will take its due course.

In turn, police spokesman Colonel Louay Irziqat said that while a security force was setting up a checkpoint near the Pharaoh roundabout, to maintain security as part of a routine operation, a vehicle approached the checkpoint and its driver was given a signal to stop, but he refused to do so and rammed the checkpoint, trying to run over members of the force, f
orcing it to fire. Several gunshots were fired, then the vehicle crashed into an electricity pole. The driver was taken to the hospital injured, and doctors later declared his death.

He added that when the vehicle was searched, the security services seized a firearm and ammunition.

Irziqat confirmed that the Public Prosecution was informed and an investigation into the incident was initiated.

Source: Maan News Agency