Saturday, November 27

KSA’s Pavilion at “Expo 2020 Dubai” Mesmerized Visitors with Diverse Creative Show at Millennium Amphitheatre

Dubai, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai organized a mesmerizing event of diverse performances at the Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre, the second artistic evening organized by the Kingdom's pavilion at the international exhibition, attended by the Pavilion’s Commissioner-General Hussain Hanbazazah and other officials.

The evening started by introducing the first-time visitors to the pavilion’s various sections after it achieved one million visits since the international exhibition was inaugurated, and its unique designs, which has garnered three world records in the Guinness Book of Records.

The stage in the AlForsan area was decorated with light models that added a creative touch to the evening, with the participation of several Saudi artists and artistic groups, followed by a comedy, which drew a smile on the audience's faces by presenting different humorous and purposeful narrations.

The evening was concluded by folkloric dancers who performed the flute dance, which received an outstanding interaction from the audience.

Source: Saudi press Agency