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NIGHTTIME ESCALATION: ENEMY LAUNCHES ATTACKS ON SOUTHERN LEBANON’S BORDER TOWNS’My country’s heritage ‘exhibition kicks off in Aleppo province

The Israeli enemy escalated its attacks at night, launching successive assaults on southern Lebanon’s Mount Labouneh and Naqoura outskirts, with sounds of explosions heard in the city of Tyre.

UNIFIL forces sounded alarm sirens concurrently with the hostile shelling.

Enemy warplanes also conducted raids after midnight on Ayta Al-Shaab, resulting in severe damages. Ayta Al-Shaab is among the towns heavily afflicted by significant destruction to homes and properties.

The enemy continued to release flares over bordering villages adjacent to the Blue Line at night, along with incendiary bombs on forests near the Blue Line opposite the towns of Naqoura and Alma Al-Shaab.

Reconnaissance also aircraft intensified their flights over the districts of Tyre and Bint Jbeil.

Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

Activities of ‘my country’s heritage’ exhibition of creativity and handmade products launched in Aleppo province with participation of 15 housewives and students.

The exhibition was organized by the Syrian historical scientific society in cooperation with the Directorate of Social Affairs and Labor, and included handmade works of mosaics and coppers, as well as handicrafts from fashion, accessories, perfumes and antiques.

Director of Social Affairs and labor in Aleppo, Ahmed Hamza, said that the aim of the exhibition is to introduce historical and heritage products in the province.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency