Russian aid distributed to families at temporary residence center in al-Harjala

Russian humanitarian aid was distributed to the families residing at temporary residence center in al-Harjala area, Damascus countryside, SANA reporter said.

The aid includes foodstuffs, children’s toys and household items.

In a statement to SANA reporter the representative of the Russian Federation, said that the Russian aid provided on Monday included various food stuffs, children’s toys and household items, estimated at 2 tons, pointing to the continuation of providing more aid to children and the Syrian people until they overcome their crisis.

In a similar statement the Head of the Local Council in al-Harjala, Abdel Nasser al-Khatib, said that the Russian Federation is constantly distributing aid to the residents of the temporary residence center based on the strong relationship binding the two countries and is keen to provide more support to those affected by the terrorist war.

On the sidelines of the aid distribution, the delegation of the Russian Federation, which includes a number of personalities, toured the departments of the temporary residence center and was briefed on the conditions of the families and their needs.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency