Saturday, June 12

SPA Wins First Place in Media Reports Category of Media Excellence Awards for “Saudi Winter”

Riyadh, The Saudi Tourism Authority, the responsible official of “Visit Saudi”, has announced the winners of the “Saudi Winter Awards for Media Excellence”, which it launched in January to stimulate journalists and innovative people to participate to shed light on top tourist destinations and sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of the Saudi Winter Season “Winter around You”. A total of 10 journalists and content creators won total awards of 250,000 Saudi riyals for participating in the five fields of the award.

Abdulrahman Al-Zahrani of MBC Channel won the first rank for the TV reports, while Mohammad Al-Qahtani of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) won the first place for media reports, and “Huda Wahon” program of the Panorama FM radio station won the first place for radio programs.

The Saudi Tourism Authority had inaugurated the “Winter around You” Season in more than 17 tourist destinations and offered more than 300 tourist packages and experiences to discover the attractive geographical and climate diversity during the winter.

Source: Saudi Press Agency