The Popular Mobilization arrests a drug-trafficking gang in Karbala

Baghdad, A force from the 13th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces, in cooperation with the intelligence and information assistants of the Popular Mobilization Authority, arrested today, Wednesday, a drug-trafficking gang traveling between the governorates of Karbala and Najaf.

The Commander of the 13th Brigade of the Mobilization Forces, Qassem Musleh, told the Popular Mobilization website, “After receiving intelligence information and with high coordination between our brigade and the intelligence in the Mobilization Authority, the forces were able to arrest three suspects in their possession narcotics after setting up an elaborate ambush that lasted for several hours and monitoring from Karbala to Najaf and then from Najaf to Karbala after bringing narcotic pills from their financiers.

Musleh added that the arrest process was flagrante delicto and came according to an official judicial note.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency