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In flagrante delicto.. The arrest of a suspect in the crime of stealing oil companies operating in Maysan

Amara The security forces in Maysan arrested a suspect for committing the crime of stealing oil companies operating in the governorate, after several complaints were received regarding the theft of cables feeding the oil wells of the companies, which caused work disruption in some of them.

The Maysan Police Directorate said in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) received a copy of it: “A tight ambush was set up near one of the companies and, in conjunction with the striking force, resulted in the arrest of the accused in flagrante delicto while he was stealing cables feeding the wells, and he was seized in his possession cutting tools and secondary equipment. It is used for the same purpose, noting that his statements were believed after he admitted carrying out several theft operations from oil companies.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency