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Iraq ranks 15th in the Arab Economies Competitiveness Index

Baghdad The Arab Monetary Fund revealed that Iraq ranked 15th in the Arab Economies Competitiveness Index.

In the Arab Economies Competitiveness Report 2022, it was stated that the UAE maintained the first place in the Arab economies competitiveness index, as a result of its acquisition of the first place in the investment environment and attractiveness index.

It added that Qatar came in second place in the general index of competitiveness of Arab economies, while Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman and Bahrain ranked third, fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

The statement indicated that Morocco came seventh, Jordan eighth, Tunisia ninth, and Egypt tenth.

Algeria ranked 11th, Mauritania 12th, Lebanon 13th, Libya 14th, Iraq 15th, Yemen 16th and Sudan 17th.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency