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Islamic Arabesque patterns… a traditional Damascene art interlocked with wood

When you visit Damascene houses or ancient mosques and churches, you will certainly see geometric patterns of Islamic art, which over time has become an integral part of Damascene architecture, depending on local materials and Syrian creativity.

What is geometric patterns of Islamic art?

It is an art involves interlocking two types of wood; walnut and a second kind such as oak and Swedish, where the geometric shape is drawn, and pieces of wood are glued to it without painting them, as the natural wood color is unique and beautiful, with just adding some preservatives.

The origins of the craft:

It appeared in the Umayyad era, where craftsmen designed geometric shapes of a straight line, a circle, and a triangle. The Arabs were the ones who developed art, wanting to decorate the Umayyad mosques and palaces. They started their designs by placing a single point that would be a diameter in a circle.

later the craft was developed through the introduction of other craftsmanship methods and types, such as inser
ting seashells, engraving to increase its attractiveness.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency