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Professional Accreditation Program Starts from Pakistan with Activating External Path for Vocational Test

Riyadh, The Professional Accreditation Program entered its first phase of the external path through activating the program from Pakistan to verify the skills of workers in the fields of plumbing, electricity, car electricity, welding, cooling and air conditioning, out of 23 specializations that the program covers.

Pakistani Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Sajid Hussain Turi attended the inauguration ceremony of the first phase of activating the program, which was held at the headquarters of the Saudi Embassy in Pakistan in the presence of Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawwaf bin Said Al-Malki, where the ceremony reviewed the envisioned benefits from activating the program for the two countries.

The Professional Accreditation Program, affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development seeks to verify that workers in the targeted profession own the necessary skills through two paths (internal and external), where the first path targets testing workers currently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with local examination centers, while the second path targets workers before their arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with international accredited examination centers.

The ministry noted that the number of tests carried out in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exceeded 100,000, adding that facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can benefit from the program through accessing the e-platform and completing booking of tests for workers before workers can sit for exams at accredited centers.

Source: Saudi Press Agency