The Minister of Agriculture meets with the head of the Central Bureau of Statistics

Ramallah – Ma’an – The Minister of Agriculture, Professor Rizq Salimiya, met with Dr. Ola Awad, Head of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, where the meeting dealt with enhancing cooperation and coordination in the field of agricultural statistics and economic indicators for the agricultural sector, in addition to joint cooperation in implementing many issues that would help in the governance of Data, utilization and use as a reference for all decisions, directions and policies that will be adopted in the agricultural sector.

The results of the agricultural census and the importance of reviewing the analytical studies that were carried out and working to conduct more analytical studies to utilize the data in many interventions, especially those related to strategic crops and economic crops, were discussed.

Minister Salimiyeh asked Dr. Awad to cooperate in conducting many statistics on the agricultural sector, which will be provided to the central agency by the Ministry. The Minister also noted th
e importance of having scientific statistical publications based on the results and the role of statistics in providing data in various ways and encouraging the use of data in scientific research. Dr. Awad, in turn, confirmed that the central agency is ready to implement these statistics and that they will be implemented in close cooperation with the Ministry. She confirmed the existence of a scientific research center in which a laboratory for primary data is available.

The current situation in the southern governorates and the directions of the Ministry and the Central Bureau of Statistics there were discussed, where proposals will be formulated to implement what is required in order to provide the necessary relief and support that would alleviate the scourge of war and destruction.

It was agreed to hold two workshops to discuss supply and use schedules for animal and plant production, study the challenges, and set a broad framework for developing production rules, improving productivity, strengthening na
tional products, and achieving food security.