Culinary Arts Commission Registers 13 Foods on Slow Food List of Endangered Food

Turin, Culinary Arts Commission today announced registering 13 famous Saudi foods on the Ark of Taste list of endangered food of the Slow Food International, and had the opportunity to display then before an international audience while organizing the Saudi Ark of Taste as part of its participation in the Salon del Qusto – Terra Madre event held in Turin, Italy.
The types of food represented 13 regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and included Kabath, Saudi Al-Kholani coffee beans, mountain sidr honey, Al-Kadi plant, Al-Hisawi rice, Al-Samh seeds, truffle, the traditional dish of ghafisah, and salt cane.
The items also included Al-Maghmi dates, which is a traditional Saudi dish made of dates, molasses and sesame beans, red camels that are known for their medium size and low production of milk, Najrani Burr (Al-Samma), Al-Haliah dates and Moringa trees.
Registering these types on the Ark of Taste is part of the commission’s efforts to preserve the historical legacy of culinary arts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and bringing back these food items to the surface, encouraging the public to preserve them and protecting them from extinction.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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