Zarqa Al Yamama, First Saudi Opera to Premiere on April 25

Riyadh: The Theater and Performing Arts Commission said the Saudi opera, and the first grand opera in Arabic, Zarqa Al Yamama, will be performed at the King Fahd Cultural Center, premiering on April 25.

The event, to be held under the patronage of Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, will be a turning point for the buzzing scene of Saudi culture, given the high artistic value of opera and the interest of art connoisseurs and audiences from around the world.

The libretto is in Arabic. Opera sung in Arabic constitutes a rare artistic phenomenon, as the vast majority of operatic works are presented in languages spoken in Europe.

Zarqa Al Yamama distinguishes itself through the captivating performance of the most famous sung poems and musical passages inspired by prominent operatic compositions, in addition to elements of Saudi music.

Theater and Performing Arts Commission CEO Sultan Al-Bazie said Zarqa Al Yamama opera embodies a well-established element in Saudi heritage, and represents t
he famous story in a contemporary framework that is compatible with modern artistic trends and the aspirations of the public.

Zarqa Al Yamama is done in cooperation between Saudi and international artists. Saudi poet Saleh Zamanan, who won several local and international awards for his poetry and plays, wrote the text inspired by the historical plot, adding his literary touch to it.

The opera tells the story of Zarqa Al Yamama, the heroine who lived in the pre-Islamic era in Al-Yamama region, in Najd, where a dispute broke out between her tribe and another one, ending in tragedy.

The story is a poignant tragedy with a breathtaking suspense, delivered in state-of-the-art theatrical production filled with sweeping orchestral movements and mesmerizing choral performances that bring a different cultural experience to the audience.

The production will run from April 25 to May 4, 2024, 10 performances in eight days. Tickets may already be reserved via the link:
a -al-yamama-opera.

Source: Saudi News Agency